” Anything that will elevate your mind and remind you of your true Self should be studied, therefore the more we elevate the mind, the better our understanding is.” –                     The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


Fluid Dance Movement Practices with Drills, Isolations & Muscle Control

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Private Yoga Lessons


The benefits to a Private Yoga Lesson carries the greatest benefit especially for people who require that one-on-one interaction for various reasons. Feel and see the results you need with a private yoga lesson designed with your personal needs in mind.

Classes September 2017


Studio Yoga & Fluid Dance Movement classes commencing this fall 2017 for students who love to engage and enjoy a deep sense of community. Come and learn yoga and targeted dance movement drills and isolations in a warm and supportive environment. Come connect or reconnect with people of liked minds.

Upcoming Workshops


Yoga workshops are the sweet spot for many yoga students and practitioners alike.They cultivate a deeper learning environment where questions can be answered to facilitate a deeper understanding of one’s practice.



Are You New Yoga? Wondering Where To Start?

New To Yoga?


Have you ever tried a Yoga Class before? If NOT you’ve come to the perfect place. The Beginners class is the ideal spot for you! You are not alone. Come make new friends to support and nurture your yoga journey.


Take A Private Lesson?


There are remarkable benefits to taking a private yoga lesson. Not only do you get individualized attention, you are able to ask questions which have sensible and practical solutions with action steps for improvement.


Yoga Etiquette


Everyone loves to enjoy their yoga class and it is always good to keep your neighbor in mind when assuming your poses and entering the studio. Read about mindful practices to have a positive yoga experience with others.